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Bazi – Personal Element If Born On A Leap Year And What Does It Mean

If your birthday is 29th February leap day, Congratulations!

You have one of the most unique birthdays in the world.

Once every 4 years, February arrives with an extra day.

There’s actually a lot of science and astronomy that goes into why this event happens. But since this is a place about metaphysics instead of physics, we shall not go into the details of Earth’s orbits around the sun.

The following of Bazi and it’s application in feng shui has been growing over the years.

A lot of people in both the Eastern and Western world are very curious about what their personal elements are according to their 8 characters (Bazi) and what they mean.

If you are a leap year baby, below is a simple table chart to show you what your personal element is.


The table above should be self-explanatory. An individual born on 29 Feb 1988 would have the self-element of +Wood.

And as you can probably be able to identify a pattern emerging from the chart above, you should be able to calculate the self-element of a person beyond the year 2024 if required.

Now that you have identified your own personal element, you will be able to identify what different elements represent to you by following the self element relationships table.

For example, a male with a self-element of metal would have wealth represented by Wood, children represented by Fire, friends represented by Metal, etc.

However, it is important to note that knowing your self element alone is insufficient to determine which elements will benefit or do harm to you.

To have a clearer picture on life readings, a proper Bazi analysis has to be conducted.

Edit: 1900 is not a leap year

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