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Where To Place The 8 Immortals For Good General Fortune

The Eight Immortals is one of the most well known characters in Chinese legend.

Consisting of 6 male and 2 female, people who practice Buddhism or Taoism (which are the two most popular religions in Chinese culture) know them as symbols of good fortune no matter their beliefs.

Not to be mistaken as gods, they are more considered deities or superior beings.

Their status are a results of them consuming the peach of immortality. Making them… you’ve guessed it… immortal!

Widely depicted in Chinese art and houseware, they are also famed as symbols of longevity.

Usually drawn in a group when illustrated in art or decoration, the presence of all 8 individuals is often portrayed crossing the river in a boat shaped like a bamboo leave while brandishing their famed symbolic items.

This does not mean that the 8 immortals are only depicted as a group. They are also occasionally presented individually when a user find more favor with a single character.

The items they wield is known to represent a particular skill, magic, or ability, possessed by the particular character.

So deep is the cultural esteem that people hold them for, that even today, we can still frequently find pictures and drawings of them on porcelain products like plates, bowls, vases, etc.

When represented in carved statues or monuments, common material used are ivory, bronze and wood.

Their symbols

Let’s get to know them a little better.

1) Zhongli Quan

Unofficially known as the leader of the gang, Zhongli has a distinctive exposed belly while seemingly always holding a fan.

Folklore talks about him using the fan to revive and cure those who have fallen sick.

His special power is therefore in bringing good health.

2) Lu Dongbin

When a discussion is made about the leader of the team, when situations arise when there is no agreement on whether Zhongli is the leader, it is usually because some wholeheartedly believe that Lu is the leader.

Lu is one of the most well known deities in the group of 8 immortals. So much so that TV drama have been filmed solely focused on this character. Even Jackie Chan has played him in a movie!

Maybe it has something to do with how the pronunciation of his name has a ring to it.

Nevertheless, Lu is a scholar who is often portrayed with human flaws.

He carries a sword to confront evil and a whisk used for curing illnesses.

Therefore, Lu is often used in feng shui as energy for protection against sickness and bad energy in general.

3) Zhang Guolao

Zhang is the one who carries a fish drum as an emblem. It is bamboo musical instrument that can be mistaken as a different traditional Chinese to some observers.

He is said to have the ability of invisibility and is the individual best known for wisdom.

4) Cao Guojiu

Cao is believed to be a sibling of Empress Cao of the Song dynasty.

Almost exclusively depicted wearing in official robes, he also has the title of “Imperial Uncle” due to his royal connections.

A powerful sign of nobility, his totem is that of a pair of castanets and sometimes with a jade tablet too.

Because of the relatedness to royalty, Cao bring the symbolic meaning of recognition and high social status.

5) Li Tieguai

Li carries a gourd and is known to look and dress like a beggar.

Yet he is famous for being benevolent often sympathizing and understanding to the poor and less fortunate.

As the character best known for supernatural ability, he is also commonly portrayed as the comic relief of the group. Loving to disturb others just to lighten the mood.

6) Han Xiangzi

This is a character that can easily recognize as he brandishes a flute all the time.

His love for music medleys is not due to a self-absorbed nature.

The flute is the source of his power as he is able to command nature around him almost at will.

This includes animals, plants and the environment to some extent.

7) Lan Caihe

The item Lan carries with her is a flower basket.

Thus, the representation of feminism.

8) He Xiangu

He’s emblem is the holy lotus flower and is known to represent the matriarch.

Where to place the 8 immortals

Now that we have a basic understanding of the 8 immortals and what they represent, the next question is where to place them at home.

When placing a painting or sculpture of the 8 immortals as a group in the house, it is generally accepted that they will bring good fortune in most areas except:

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Garage

And remember not to configure a placement where they are confronting you.

For example, if hanging it as a framed picture in the living room, don’t orientate it in a way where it is facing the sofa. This would be direct confrontation with the family sitting on the sofa.

In feng shui, it is never a good idea to directly confront celestial creatures and symbolic beings.

If it has to be in the living room, a good placement for example, would be beside and behind the sofa. This would mean that the people sitting on the sofa would be facing the same direction as the picture.

This symbolizing that you have the support of the 8 immortals.

When the immortals are displayed individually, use the following table as a guideline.

Character Direction Element
Zhongli Quan East Wood
Lu Dongbin Northwest Metal
Zhang Guolao North Water
Cao Guojiu Northeast Earth
Li Tieguai South Fire
Han Xiangzi Southeast Wood
Lan Caihe West Metal
He Xiangu Southwest Earth

With the above table as reference, place individual art of specific characters in the appropriate places to harness the energy they represent.

Don’t forget to take note of elemental relationships and trigram positions as wel..

It is also generally accepted and practiced in feng shui that when a picture of all 8 immortals are placed in particular segments of the house, the characteristics of that particular area will take precedence.

For example, if the picture is placed in the Northeast section of the house, it is the area belonging to Cao Guojiu. And therefore, the household members would enjoy enhanced positive energy on status, power, and recognition.

Finally, as a reminder, don’t put the 8 immortals in a position that is confrontational to the members of the household.

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