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Applying The Feng Shui Bagua Map To Your Home

While there are many schools of thought in the practice of feng shui, every practitioner, even at the master level, tries to apply two or more schools of thought in any geomancy audit.

Feng is after all, all about balance, harmony and embodiment as one.

But one fundamental that every practitioner will always incorporate into their feng shui consultations and recommendation is the rules of the feng shui bagua map.

Origins of bagua map

As with almost all things feng shui, the bagua map is one of the earliest feng shui theories that originate from the trigrams and their arrangements.

Going back further, the legend is the the trigrams and their arrangements came from resembling markings observed from the shell of a turtle which surfaced in the Luo river.

But that’s a story for another day.

As the 8 trigrams are arranged in a grid with nothing in the center, feng shui planning for a house started to take shape in the form of a square with 9 sections with a Luo Shu (9 stars) sequence..

The bagua which incorporates the arrangement of the trigrams in an octagon shape can then be superimposed together into the grid layout and people slowly started to refer to this form of feng shui practice as the feng shui bagua map.

Anatomy of the feng shui bagua map

The application of the bagua map to the feng shui of a house is limitless.

This is because it is based on the fundamental trigrams of feng shui. And as we can all agree that so much wisdom and knowledge can be tapped on just 8 pictorial icons, the meanings and implications behind all of them is almost impossible to comprehend.

They also often overlap each other. And because the sequence of trigrams in the bagua is in direct relation with the sequence of flying stars, the application of a bagua map on a house is closely related to flying stars feng shui.

This means that a feng shui practitioner who is not well-versed with flying stars will not able to competently advice on a bagua map for a house.

But for practical purposes, most practitioners feng shui a house based on the most basic and common aspects.

feng shui bagua map

While it is impossible to list out all symbolic meanings and representations of each sector of the map, there is a simple way to check whether something you have in mind is correct or wrong.

Take note that there are 2 arrangements of trigrams:

  1. Early arrangement
  2. Later arrangement

The early arrangement is Yin based and therefore usually used for the feng shui of grave sites or things related to the dead. What we use in practice for the living world is the later arrangement.

Because the feng shui bagua map is based on the later heaven trigram arrangement, you can use that as a reference point to research how to apply feng shui and whether mistakes are made.

For example, the Kun trigram resides in the Southwest. This means that this is the area where love and matriarch energy ca be enhanced.

Or if you have a lush picture of mountains which you want to use for enhancing the health of the patriarch, Chien is the trigram to focus on which is at the Northwest.

And if the health and development of the youngest daughter is a particular concern, Tui is the trigram to look into which is found on the West.

If you are wondering whether a indoor miniature water fountain that sits in the South section of the house is good geomancy, consider that South is a segment where fire element resides. The placement of a water feature in this area would extinguish that fire and dampen your recognition among peers and colleagues

Also take note that we are now just discussing the application of the bagua map. It does not take into consideration other feng shui concepts like 8 House or water theory even though they are closely related. The time dimension is also not being considered here.

Without taking a look at your floor plan, it is next to impossible to make specific recommendations based to the feng shui of your house.

However, some general practices can be said of the feng shui bagua map concept.

Applying bagua map for home layout

As there are 9 sections of the bagua grid, we shall base this discussion of each individual grid.

For the purpose of simpler understanding, we will assume that we are using a squarish house that sits on south and faces north for this exercise.

The below are also based on assumptions that other schools of thought are not applied.


While there is no direction associated with the central part of the house, it is the most important area not just for being the perfect place to set up your Wifi router.

Despite what a lot of practitioners think, the central area is not a place to boost the health of residents. Instead it is a place to prevent bad health. Especially to young children.

This is most attributed to the resident number 5.

Disturbing this area is not ideal. It can be an open area, but has to be one that does not see a lot of activities.

Agitating the sickness energy will just encourage it to come out and play… which is not something you want.

To harmonize or exhaust this source of negative energy use things related to metal to keep it in check. The presence of metal will entice the earth energy to feed it as earth gives birth to metal.

This could be as simple as using a paint color related to metal like white in the area.

With it’s energy spent on nurturing metal, the earth energy will have little left to cause sickness to household members.

An alternative cure if metal is impossible to situate here, water is a good second choice as earth will tire itself out from drinking up the water as earth destroys water.

It is of utmost importance not to have a strong presence of wood as wood destroys earth.

Being under attack could cause the earth energy to go into an all out war.

I’ve personally seen homes designed with a center that stretches all the way to a see-through glass ceiling for this space so as to create a “missing corner” in this area. The reason being to release the negative energy and get it out of the house.

However, it must be added that in some exceptional circumstances, this area can bring windfalls.


The north is where the water base energy is found. And as you might already know, water is akin to money and wealth.

Specifically, it refers to proper self-made wealth instead of windfalls or unexpected success. Thus, it directly relates to ones career.

This sector is best enhanced with water features and is the best area for family activities or social gathering.

This is to keep the place active so as to activate the water energy instead of leaving it dormant.

Water features can be in the form of:

  • Miniature fountains
  • Aquariums
  • Blue color
  • Wavy line designs
  • etc

When the main door is located here, it also symbolizes wealth coming in from the front door every time it opens. So you might want to leave the door open when the situation allows it.

When the energy here is properly harnessed, it can also bring about intelligence in children.

When disturbed, it can result in divorce.


At this moment in time, which is 2018, the northeast is the most prosperous section of a house.

It is already generally regarded as a wealth section. Just that in the current feng shui cycle, it’s powers are much stronger.

Because it has an earth based energy, the best way to energize this area is to use furniture and fittings that are either representative of fire or earth.

Just like the north segment of the house, keep this place as active as possible.

And if possible, leave the lights on in this area even at night. This is to keep the area filled with yang energy which will stimulate the energy to bring steady progressive wealth, especially for young men.

The presence of wood energy like a plant can cause a conflict of elements at this area. A cactus might be even more detrimental.


When properly enhances, the east section can bring about harmony at home and outside the home as well.

Plants are best situated in this area.

Because it is of a wood elemental base, water features can also be placed here.

Do that note that doing so, the objective of the water features will be to boost harmony instead of calling for wealth.

The drawback of getting it wrong in this area is that it may cause legal issues to arise in life.

So if you currently have harmony in the house, you might find that there is no need to specially feng shui this area to enhance harmony. Because if you get it wrong, you might enhance the potential for legal problems instead.

In this case, just keep the area clutter free and don’t use it as a common area.


Similar to the East, the Southeast is a place of wood energy. And can be vitalized with wood or water features.

The difference this time is that it enhances prosperity via academic achievements, especially for an elder daughter.

Academic items can be located here.

For example, this might be a good place to set up the library, a study room, or even place a globe for display.

While bad feng shui management can result in men indulging in vice activities.


The south is the area that represents recognition, status, and fame.

If you have no intention to be in the limelight at work, which can be understandable, this is a place to keep as quiet as possible.

Whereas if you are chasing a promotion at work, or simply want more recognition for the long hours you put in every week, this is definitely a place to invigorate.

You can do this by putting all your awards, trophies, or qualification achievements on display in this area of the house.

Further more, it can be energized by things and monuments representative of fire or wood.

Do not place water in this area unless you want your promotion to drown in water.


Together with the center and the northeast, the southwest rounds up the 3 earth sectors of the house.

However, just like the center, it can cause illnesses when distressed.

As Kun is the trigram on this space, it directly impacts the matriarch of the household and can even amplify fertility.

But doing things wrong in this section can agitate the earth energy and cause serious illnesses to the residents.

So if there is really no need to boost the matriarch’s influence, or there is no feng shui practitioner being consulted, the suggestion is to keep this area quiet.

The potency of the illness energy can be alleviated with metal related objects.

Wind chimes are often used in the southwest specifically to manage the negative energy that resides here.


The west is fundamentally metal based.

When enhanced with metal or earth elements, it can bring success to the younger generation, especially daughters.

So this would be a great to situate metal statues, gold jewelry, metallic furniture, have walls painted white, etc.

Earth based display items like those made of clay and porcelain can also be ideal.


The northwest is metal based just like the west.

The difference is that the positive impacts can directly impact the patriarch of the house, especially those working in government offices or in military positions.

You can enhance this area the same way as the west.

Limitations of feng shui bagua map

It was mentioned earlier that the above recommendations do not take into account other schools of thought in feng shui.

It is best if you can combine and harmonize a few schools of thought when planning the feng shui of a house.

However if that is not possible, the feng shui bagua map can be used as a basic application of feng shui at home or in the office.

Just know that it might not be as potent as it can be.

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