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The Ultimate List Of Feng Shui Birds Symbolism

It’s no surprise that birds are international symbols of freedom and opportunity.

They way they take flight and seemingly have the freedom to go wherever they please can be a simple inspiration to many.

And it’s fitting that birds have a special place in the practice of feng shui.

I don’t have a definitive answer, but if we take stock of all the animal symbols used in feng shui, including celestial and non celestial creatures, there’s every chance that birds make up the most in numbers.

Here are the common species and types of birds (in alphabetical order) that are widely used in the practice of feng shui. Including what they represent and symbolize.


Because bats are nocturnal animals, we often think about them in a negative light.

I guess Batman would have a counter argument against that…

But in the realms of feng shui, bats are actually (and surprisingly to many) auspicious signs of incoming wealth luck.

While ancient text describes the red bat as an undoubted emblem of happiness, longevity and prosperity, it is widely accepted that bats in their more natural black is equivalent to the red one.

This is because when used in decorative items and fixtures, they are often made or painted in red. This is partly due to Chinese festivities that have a strong belief in the red color being auspicious.

Somehow that practice stuck.

But if you see one in real life, or one flies into the house, it is definitely bringing you good luck.


The crane is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of longevity in feng shui.


It is said that the 3 legged crow has the ability to call on the power of the sun.

In this sense, it represents uplifting, advancement, attaining a higher level, and things associated with upward movement.

But across many cultures, the crow is not just a sign of bad luck, but also associated with death and spirits as well.

The widely spread beliefs about crows in metaphysics probably played a part in it spilling over to feng shui as well. So much so that the 3 legged crow is often just referred to as the 3 legged bird instead.

Yet do be mindful that these are just symbolism.

Don’t go on a personal vendetta to cleanse the neighborhood of crows.

They are living beings. And deserve the right to live as well.


The dove is an international symbol of peace and purity.

And I won’t be surprised to find the origins of how this came about originating from cultural practices like feng shui.

Because doves are attributed with harmony and peace. It is also often used as a remedy for healthy happy relationships, especially in marriage.

Eagle (hawk)


The eagle represents courage, leadership, confidence, and growth, among many similar positive characteristics.

This is why they are often found in framed pictures, display items, figurines, and even logos of businesses.

Just mention the eagle in a logo and you would probably visualize government agencies and mega corporations incorporating it in their logos.

When you consider that eagles soar above all other birds, it’s easy to understand why it’s considered as one of the globally accepted symbols of power and authority.

Do note that while the eagle is biologically a different species from the hawk and falcon, they refer to the same things in feng shui symbolism because they generally look the same.


Flamingos are the perfect symbols of love and relationships.


  • socialize in flocks yet only mate with lifetime partners
  • pink in color which is the universal color of love
  • have long curved necks that often make out a heart shape when 2 are standing facing each other

But they do not take center stage like mandarin ducks do probably because they are not naturally found in China.


Like the mandarin duck, the goose is a symbol of fidelity that is most often displayed in pairs. In fact, it is almost 100% the same in feng shui symbolism.

Like mandarin ducks, geese pair up and mate for life… contributing to it’s representation of a long and happy marriage.

But probably because of how much more colorful and beautiful mandarin ducks are, geese are often second choice when practitioners suggest cures for relationships.

There are however, a couple of extra characteristics of geese.

One of which is that wild geese often have migration patterns. So in some circumstances, they can be a symbol of separation.


This is a bird that symbolizes a path, journey, or way.

You might be familiar with common catch phrases that begin with “The Way Of The…”.

The heron is the bird used when such situations are appropriate.


You might intuitively feel that the kingfisher must be a symbol of things associated with predators, conquest, or unrivaled skill.

But that is very far from it’s meanings in feng shui.

Because of how majestically colorful they can be especially in flight, the kingfisher is a symbol of beauty.


The magpie is a symbol of festivities and joy because of how beautifully it sings.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks were briefly touched on previously.

They are almost always exclusively displayed in pairs as they very clearly represent longevity of relationships. Especially in marriage.

And more importantly, it is considered a romance luck enhancer for those who are still looking that a partner in life.

It is often used by parents who are ever so eager for their children to find partners and wed.


Like the magpie, the oriole sings a beautiful tune. So it is also a symbol of joy.

But because of the color yellow, it can sometimes be interpreted as a sign of relationships of the wrong kind like vice.

This is a cultural thing as the word yellow in Chinese 黄 is often used as a metaphor to describe indecency.


In various countries across various cultures, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and unmatched knowledge.

But because the owl is also often considered a creature connected to both the yin and yang worlds, they are sometimes avoided in the practice of feng shui.

However, when you run into an owl, it is undoubtedly a sign of good luck and possibly signals the arrival of a mentor.


The parrot is a symbol of unfaithful men and women.

So do not bring it into your home.


There is no questioning the majesty a peacock can appear.

This is why it is one of the most popular birds used in feng shui.

It represents grace and beauty. But it is often used as a substitute for the phoenix in practice.

It’s feathers are often used for personal and home decorations. And having it in the car is said to signify safe journeys.



While the dragon gets all the attention in movies and stories, many don’t realize that the phoenix is as celestial a creature as the dragon.

When paired with a dragon, it is the ultimate symbol of a blissful marriage.

On it’s own, the phoenix represents yang energy, inner strength, transformation, transcending, and to rise above.

Do be mindful not to use too many, or too powerful a phoenix at home. Because a phoenix with overwhelming power might just serve it’s own interest instead of the household’s.

It can look odd to have a phoenix here because it’s not an earthly animal. But I find it necessary to include it here as it’s a well-known symbol used commonly in feng shui.

Rooster (cockerel)

Don’t ask me why it’s not the hen instead of the rooster since they are both chickens.

But it is a sign of career advancement and often found on office desks for just that reason.

Yet there is another role that it plays in that position.

Because of how feisty they can be, it has an innate ability to overcome gossip, and also help the user to avoid being a victim of office politics.


In ancient times, quail fight is a form of entertainment just like cock fighting.

So they are a symbol of fighting spirit.

And since quails also mate for life with one partner, it can sometimes be found used like mandarin ducks for happy marriages.


Ravens are generally associated with bad luck just like the crow.


Small birds like the sparrow are messengers that bring good news.


Swallows are well-known to be great builders of nests. So much so that there is an entire industry based around harvesting bird’s nests for human consumption.

If you don’t know, the bird’s nest only refer to swallow’s nests.

They are generally considered good luck birds.

So welcomed are they, that in developing countries, entire houses can be found to be built next to residences for breeding and harvesting of bird’s nests.


Like the geese and mandarin ducks, swans signifies happy marriage and monogamy.

Birds are good luck

In feng shui birds are generally symbols of good luck around wealth, health, and relationships.

One of the famous feng shui decorative home items for example is the auspicious picture of 100 birds that brings abundant prosperity.

In such a painting, you’d find not just birds of the same feather, but all types of birds in it. Demonstrating that almost all species are generally a sign of positive energy.

Finally, one of the implied characteristics of birds is it’s freedom to fly and roam the world. So birds in caged captivity are not really a good way to harness the good luck they bring.

It is best to have them in paintings, figurines, sculpture, etc, than to imprison them at home.

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