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Where To Place The Feng Shui Money Frog

The three-legged frog holding a coin in it’s mouth is one of the most popular symbols of wealth that homeowners that believe in feng shui use at home.

In some places, practitioners still argue that it’s a toad instead of a frog. But really… I don’t see why that should cause any confusion as anyone who is describing it is referring to the same thing.

The symbolic meaning of the fortune frog is to welcome wealth.


In Chinese mythology, this creature lives on the moon. And when an eclipse occurs, the folklore is that the moon is actually swallowed by the frog.


With this celestial capability, it is said that this creature is capable of powers beyond the human imagination.

Another related myth concerns the frog being a member of the infamous 8 immortals where she was banished to the moon as punishment and turned into a frog. In the midst of transformation, the Gods relented and stopped the transformation. Resulting in a form of a 3-legged frog.

There’s more.

In another myth, Lui Hai, a member of the 8 immortals went in search of the mythical frog after learning about it’s abundant power in attracting prosperity.

He eventually found it taking refuge in a well. Knowing of the frog’s irresistible appetite for money, he used gold coins tied with red strings to try and bait the creature to come out.

This event is so embedded in folklore that even today, people still use paintings of Lui Hai using red strings and gold coins to tempt the 3-legged frog to come out of hiding as decorative items in homes.

Somewhere along the line, stand-alone 3-legged frogs started to gain popularity. And you can find them in houses and offices everywhere as a wealth attraction symbol. These days, you will almost always find them biting on a coin while sitting on a bed of coins.

They are often made with brass as brass is Metal. And Metal enhances Water which is what the frog likes.

Saying that, I’d avoid sculptures made with materials like resin or wood. That is my personal preference.

I’ve also seen them being made with jade, crystals, and gemstones. Just be mindful that the material it is made of has to be factored in when it comes to geomancy. Rose quartz for example is meant for romance luck. Having a wealth frog made of that is a little odd.

Where to place the feng shui frog


A lot of people place this creature all over place. Because it is a symbol of wealth, many feel that it would be auspicious to put it anywhere.

But if you practice feng shui, you would agree that “anywhere” is just not good enough.

Take note that frogs are small amphibious creatures. They are timid by nature. And would hide the moment they feel threatened.

They should therefore, be place in public areas where it can see you but you cannot see it. Or at least a place where you have to make an effort to see it if you intend to see it.

This means that you should not have it in bedrooms and never the kitchen. Living rooms, study rooms, dining rooms, and entertainment rooms are fine. But I suggest that the best place to have them is in the living room.

Place them at corners in elevated positions not more than half a meter tall. Even on the floor at ground level wouldn’t be that bad.

Leaving them in a high place can leave it in a state of panic from heights. You want it to spend it’s time and energy bringing you wealth instead of fearing for it’s safety.

Wherever you place them, position them so that they face the main door area. This is so that they can call in wealth energy (chi) from the front door. If there is no main door, an alternative is to allow them to face the area when the most energy enters the area.

Note that you should not place it in a way where it is directly in front of the door. Giving it a direct path out of the house is a bad idea.

Alternatively, if you have a favorite chair where you sit all the time, you can have the frogs face the chair too. This signifies the frog bringing you money.

Don’t let it face the sofa or any gathering area in the office or at home where guests usually spend time in. This can confuse the frog into giving away your wealth to them instead of you.

If you love landscaping and have a pond or water feature in the garden, it would also be a good place for the lucky frog to make it it’s home. Just be mindful not to “drown” the poor thing.

This means don’t leave them at the bottom of aquariums.

The north section of the house will also be a good place to place the frog. This is the place where the Water element resides. And water represents wealth in dynamic feng shui.

By placing your frog there, with a base of water and wealth energy, it’s going to be very happy with it’s surroundings.

And since we are talking about directions, do a check what type of house you live in by referring to 8 House feng shui. Although you will find that there are 4 good areas, the best sector to place the frog is the SC direction because that’s where the prosperity energy is.

How many to use?

Unlike tigers which are solitary animals, you can actually have a lot of money frogs in the house. However, I suggest not to exceed 9 as 9 is the number that makes feng shui go full circle. Going with the ruling flying star number is a good idea. Currently we are in the period of 8.

The exception is that you can go with 10 if your house has a flying star birth chart that has a sum of 10 Water star configuration like a house facing NE1 in the period of 8. As you can see, this natal chart adds up to 10 on all sectors when you add the number of the Water star to the number of the base star.

Big money frog

If you are one of those who likes to go big with interior design, you might be someone who’d prefer to buy a statue of the 3-legged frog instead of small objects.

I’m not kidding. A lot of homeowners are getting them in a size as huge as a medicine ball… sometimes even at the size of an exercise ball.

This, as you might expect, is a very significant presence both visually and physically. Only use them in a big living room if you want to have them indoors. Outdoors will be a better place for it. Avoid positioning them to face the main gate directly. Ideally, you’d want to position them diagonally towards the door of the house.

Finally, don’t expect the money frog to create miracles.

There’s very little it can help you with if you don’t help yourself. Tasking it to beef up your bank account while you procrastinate at home is just putting too much pressure and expectations on the little creature.

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