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How To Harness The Benefits Of Feng Shui In A Salon

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And that is hardly a surprise when everywhere you go, you find beauty salons of all types setting up shop.

Just walk into any reputable shopping mall and take a look at the directory. The odds are that you will find nail salons, hairdressers, massage parlours, slimming centers, and even pet grooming salons.

That’s without mentioning the countless retail stores that solely sell beauty products.

Demand for wellness and beauty related services are at an all time high. And the growth in this industry does not seem like stopping anytime soon.

And it’s no coincidence that one of the main reasons so many salons are operating all over the place is because people with the right skill set and a little entrepreneurial spirit can find the temptation to start their own business too much to resist.

And if you have taken the first step to opening your own hair salon, and you believe in feng shui, what can you do to enhance feng shui in your shop at least at it’s most basic level?

Firstly, before we go on, I have to just mention that because there is absolutely no way I can know the specific direction your salon is facing, flying start feng shui is out of the question.

That’s not very ideal as flying stars is the most dynamic among all schools of thought.

This means that we have to go to the very basics of geomancy.

A salon is a water based business

That’s not to say that you generate revenue by selling beverages to your customers. It just that among the five fundamental elements, a salon is more of a water based business than anything else.

Think about it. Water is key to every service you offer in a salon.

This makes the North sector of your shop a primary area that you should pay more attention to as it is the direction where Water resides.

If your floor plan and interior design plans permit, you might want to install a water feature here so as to erect the Water already present in the shop’s layout.

It would also be beneficial if you can set up this area as an area with constant activity, signifying a constant stream of Water.

Mirrors can be good in this section of the floor plan as it both expands the visual impact and draws customers to the area to check themselves out.

At the same time, right beside this space at NorthWest is an area of Metal. Since Metal is an enhancer of Water, you’d want to recognize it’s presence as well. So there is little harm in making this area an area of activity too. This has been cancelled because of the discoveries we made later in this analysis.

What you want to concern yourself with is to avoid using any designs, furniture, or fitting that represents Fire in the NorthWest.

Because NorthWest is widely regarded as the “Heaven’s Gate” in feng shui, setting up Fire elements here is like setting Fire to the gate. And because Fire destroys Metal (the element in NW), it definitely something that you should consciously try to avoid.

The green dragon and white tiger

There are 4 main celestial creatures in feng shui. They are the tortoise, phoenix, dragon and tiger. From where your storefront is facing, the left is where you find the dragon and the right is where you find the tiger.

Assuming that you are the owner or the key person of the business, and female, you don’t want the left to have a more powerful presence than the right.

This is because the dragon is symbolic of males, and tiger of females. And if the dragon has dominance over the tiger, what results is that the feng shui would benefit the men in the salon rather than the women. This could mean that a male staff in your salon will have more influence over the running of the business.

That’s not exactly a good predicament to be in when you are the female owner.

So what you want to do is to have a duller, less active left side compared to the right. You can place cabinets along the walls or have your store room on the left. And if the left consists of clear full-length glass, you need to block it with shutters, wallpapers or posters.

Using a mirror here will not be useful as the visual impact will only expand the space for the “dragon” and give it more freedom to emphasize it’s dominance.

The right is where you want as much activity as possible. This is assuming that you are a woman.

Basically, the opposite of the above suggestions for the left side is what you want to do with the right.

Note that what you want to achieve is to have a right that is clearly more dominant than the left. That is all. You also want to avoid a making the right side an overwhelming power as tigers are unpredictable and might actually “attack” you when you are weak.

For example in cluster houses built next to each other, there will always be 2 units situated at both ends of the cluster. And one of these houses will have a neighboring house on the left and open space on the right. The other will have open space on the left and a neighboring house on the right.

In terms of feng shui, the house with open space on the left will be more beneficial to a family where the husband is the dominant force and key member of the family. This is because the open space allows the dragon to move freely and harness it’s influence. While the tiger is almost non-existent as there is basically no “left”.

If the wife in the family in this example is actually the sole breadwinner and main source of power, be prepared to see major issues and conflicts happening to her in terms of career and family harmony.

This interpretation is made without taking into consideration flying star feng shui and the house’s facing.

Vice-versa occurs to the other house with open space on the right.

Now even though you want to “pacify” the left, wealth energy generally flows from the left to right. So if it is within your means to customize the floor plan, direct traffic to come in from the left. You can easily achieve that by positioning the main entrance toward the left of the shop facing. Ideally, customers will enter from the left, then move towards the right along the face of the salon.


Find your good locations using your Kua number

Assuming you are a woman and have a Kua number of 9. This makes the directions E, SE, N, and S favorable to you according to 8 House feng shui.

So these are all the sectors within your salon that you should plan for most activities to happen in.

Some specific things about salon design to keep in mind:

  • The East and SouthEast is an element of Wood. So avoid the presence of Metal fixtures.
  • North as mentioned earlier is an area of Water. You can make this an area where water activities like washing takes place.
  • South is an area of Fire. This is definitely not a place where you want your washing to take place.

Otherwise, follow the elemental relationships of the 5 elements to enhance these areas.

For example, if you want to enhance or activate the East, you can use blue fixtures in that area as blue represents water. And water helps wood to grow.

What you should also take note is that when you Kua number is 9, your unfavorable directions are NW, SW, W, and NE. These are the areas where you want to keep as calm and undisturbed as possible. And if the situation allows, build your washrooms or store rooms in this area.

If you remember earlier in this audit that I’ve mentioned that you should bring more activity to the NorthWest due to it generally being a place of prosperity. But since NW is an unfavorable area according to your Kua number of 9, you can cross that off.

Making this an activity area can bring great misfortune. I suggest keeping this area open but with little activities. You don’t have to lock it up in a store room.

Do note the above suggestions are made with reference with 9 being your Kua number. Different things can apply when you have a different Kua number.

The bright wealth spot

There is another practice that is generally accepted by feng shui masters across all schools of thought.

And that is the bright wealth spot (明财位).

This is the area that is diagonally opposite the door. And it is an area of wealth.

diagonal across door wealth spot

The way that this concept is implemented in homes is as if it supersedes everything else in feng shui theory. This means that even if that particular sector is determined to be a bad sector according to flying stars, practitioners will still be willing to activate the sector because it’s where the bright wealth spot resides.

You need to keep this area bright, clutter-free, and active if possible.

And this concept don’t just apply to the main door or front door. It can be superseded on every room too. So you can implement it on every room in the house.

General feng shui tips that you can implement

  • Always keep the pointed tools like scissors, clippers, and cutters, etc in drawers when not in use. They are a sore sight and is a source of harmful energy especially when they are bundled together.
  • If the salon is totally enclosed with no windows, you might want to “erect” one by placing a picture of scenery either in the North where the Water element is, or the right where the Tiger plays.
  • Avoid renovation plans where you and your customers have to sit or rest in areas where there are overhanging beams.
  • Don’t leave used towels lying around. Either keep them in a closed laundry basket or store room until you send them to the laundry.
  • If there is no natural light to brighten up the place, avoid using dark colored paint as it can retain stagnant energy.
  • Don’t allow a salon design plan where you can see the back door from the front door. This is like a sword through the heart. You can easily use dividers to channel energy entering the front door to other areas.
  • If you use a water feature like a miniature fountain, make sure it is a feature of moving water. Not still water.
  • Mirrors should not face the front door. This is because the mirror would effectively bring the front door to the wall it is sitting on. This will totally mess up the feng shui as the nature of energy has been tweaked to an unknown force.
  • If you are one of those people who likes to frame up your certificates and qualifications for display, hang the in the South section. This is where the recognition sector is.
  • Clutter is feng shui’s worst enemy. So do make an effort to keep your place free of clutter.
  • Don’t position the sinks and washing areas directly opposite areas where heating is done.

Where are the White Stars?

I’ve mentioned earlier that because I cannot possibly tell what facing your shop sits on, that flying star feng shui cannot be applied in an article like this.

But what I can tell you is this.

We are in the period of 8 and the White Star number 8 is the dominant star. It is the star that brings wealth and prosperity. And since you are renovating or building your salon now, it means that your salon will have a flying star natal chart belonging to the period of 8.

Although we cannot go into the specifics as it is just too much work with too little information, there is a silver lining.

All flying start charts in this period will have the white star (8) either at it’s facing or sitting. Meaning at the front or back of your shop.

Go grab a compass and take a reading of the directing the facing of your salon is facing. It’s time you do a little work too. I can’t be doing everything for you. 😀

And if your salon’s facing direction is in any degrees of North, South, East or West, it means that both mountain star 8 and water star 8 is sitting in the same area either at the front or back of your salon.

This gives you a fantastic opportunity to reap the positive energy projected by both these stars. So I strongly suggest that you measure your facing direction and see where these stars reside. Then make an effort to activate and strengthen their presence.

You are looking at a great feng shui section of the store if they turn out to be sitting on South. South has a Fire base and will naturally energize them like a power bank.

Finally, good luck with your salon. And I hope feng shui can help you make it a success. And don’t forget to provide exceptional service to your customers. Feng shui cannot do that for you.

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