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Placing Mandarin Ducks For Marriage And Romance Luck

Most birds carry significant positive connotations in feng shui.

There are the eagles for good fortune, owls that represent wisdom, cranes that call for longevity, etc. Even bats that are associated with vampires in western culture is a clear symbol of wealth and success in feng shui.

And of course… Batman would probably associate bats with justice 😀

But perhaps all of these birds pale in popularity when compared to the mandarin ducks in the practice of feng shui.

In the world of animals, mandarin duck couples don’t spend their lives together like swans. But in deep Chinese culture, they are lifelong mates. And therefore, became a symbol of blissful relationships especially in marriage.

Thus, through centuries of practice, it has become the remedy of choice for many feng shui masters whenever there is a need to ignite romance luck or to improve relationships between married couples.

The male of this species of ducks is pretty colorful. Almost like a comic character in a cartoon. What’s really interesting is that the colors of all 5 elements can be found on their feathers.


Because of the contrasting appearance between males and females, it is also a good visual metaphor for how different men and women are.

With the bland and the colorful coming together as a couple, it serves as a perfect representation of Yin and Yang. Perhaps it’s also not a big coincidence that their Chinese name as a couple is “Yuan Yang” (鸳鸯).


Types of displays

It is important to note that mandarin ducks are always used in pairs for feng shui. Having just 1 will not help you achieve the desired effect… assuming romance and marriage luck is what you are trying to enhance.

The most widely used practice is to have them in paintings with wooden frames on the wall. Paintings will better allow the display of the distinctive colors in the males. Without those colors, it would be very easy for people to mistake it as just the average ducks.

This is why it is not ideal to have them as statues or monuments on display stands and see-through glass cabinets. These are often made with polyester resin in maroon color… which defeats the purpose of identifying them a mandarin duck couple.

And having them made in brass is a bad idea as brass is Metal, which drains the romance energy (Earth) found in the SouthWest.

It would be worse if they are made of wood carvings as Wood would not just drain earth, it attacks Earth.

If you really want to use sculptures instead of oil paintings, have them in gemstones. Rose quartz in particular is well known to be a love enhancer.

Rose quartz has an Earth base which is in harmony with the SouthWest, and it strengthens romance luck. Add it to the powerful symbol of mandarin ducks, it’s like a three-pronged strategy to call out the romance in your life.

Don’t be surprise if early marriage opportunities arrive soon.

Where to place them?

As mentioned earlier, the SouthWest sector of your house would be a good place. It would be even more potent of your bedroom is located at the SouthWest. This is also where the Kun trigram is.

If your room is located at another location, then position the ducks in the SouthWest of your bedroom or the living room.

However, do note that if you place them in the living room it might affect every member of the household.

This is why if your children have reached dating age and you don’t want them to get into any boy-girl relationships, you should definitely avoid keeping the ducks in the living room…

… that is unless they don’t spend time there.

This means a young couple who have yet to have kids could have mandarin duck paintings or figurines in the living room to energize a happy romantic marriage. But as soon as the kids get old enough to be affects by testosterone, it’s about time to relocated your mandarin ducks.

Flying stars

The other thing you want to note is the in flying star feng shui, the star #4 is the one that represents romance. And it is most potent when it combines with star #1

Without going into specifics as I can’t give you a flying start analysis without knowing your house facing and seeing the floor plan of your home, you should take a look at where the mountain star and/or water star #4 is and determine whether it is appropriate to place the ducks in that area.

I say this because placing them incorrectly, especially with untimely stars, can cause extra-marital problems. And if you are single, it could bring about low quality suitors.

You know… the types that drain you instead of adding value to your life.

Specifically, you definitely want avoid enhancing sectors where star #4 meets star #6 or #7. That could lead to more drastic disasters other than romance and relationships.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of how flying stars work, then just ignore them and stick to the basic tips concerning the SouthWest. That should be enough give your luck in relationships a little boost.

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