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How To Use The Mystic Knot For A Life Of Happiness

The mystic knot is a knot consisting of 6 knots crafted from the same string. Because of this is is often referred to as the knot that swallows it’s own tail.

And as the knot itself has no ending, it is often called the infinity knot or the endless knot.

Due to the structure in which the knot is designed, it is said that it has no beginning nor an end. Signifying the Buddhist belief that beings go through a cycle of birth and rebirth.

The state of birth and rebirth is called the samsara.

So there is little doubt that the mystic knot is associated with spirituality and existence. Especially for those who are just starting with spirituality.

Being one of the famous 8 auspicious items, not only is the mystic knot found engraved on the sole of Buddha’s feet, it can also be found on the chest of the Hindu deity Vishnu.

With all the above said, the mystic knot is a symbol of longevity with the absence of adversity.

As feng shui is all about balance, the mystic knot ticks all the boxes and is a popular choice for practitioners to use as decorative items in the house. Especially for newly weds.

It is so popular with homeowners that they can be found on:

  • Carvings of wood furniture
  • Wallpaper prints
  • Wall tiles
  • Hang it all over the house
  • Embroidered on fabric
  • Paintings
  • Motifs
  • etc

In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising to find one at home which you have never noticed.

Mystic knot placement

Because of how benevolent and revered the knot is there is no particular area in the house that would have adverse effects.

However, it is often used as a feng shui cure to protect residents from negative and harmful energy.

For example having it at an entry point would task the mystic knot to filter all the energy coming in. This is why we often see them carved onto interior wooden window trims. So that energy entering from the window would be sieved by the knot.

It can also be frequently found on the grills of doors and gates. So as to influence the energy passing through with it’s longevity powers.

But it is best observed in Chinese weddings where countless mystic knots can be found as decorative items everywhere the groom and bride goes. Including the bedroom!

They are also often found hanging on other auspicious feng shui items such as the jade plant or pagoda.

While the mystic knot carries a very strong symbolism by itself, it can be further enhanced with the type of material it is made of.

Earth based materials are best. Which means that knots carved out from precious stones will be ideal.

However, the mystic know is known to be made in all types of material including metal and wood as well.

If you are wearing it as a pendant, having it in gold is probably not a good idea as it might call too much attention to it… which is not in the nature of the knot.

Finally, if you are hanging them at home, remember that it is best to place them in areas were energy moves about.

For example, the hallway, entry points, living room, etc.

There is also no limit to the number of mystic knots to have at home. Some people have dozens of them incorporated all over the interior design as it is a great symbol of happiness and bliss.

So you can have as many as you want.

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