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Feng Shui Waterfall Picture Placement

Paintings have been an able energy enhancer that has been used be feng shui practitioners for ages.

Even well revered emperors have used them as decorations for important rooms in their palaces.

One of the most popular types of feng shui paintings is those of lush landscapes. And a picture of a waterfall is often an art piece of choice of homeowners.

Water is representative of wealth in feng shui. And movement is a characteristic of yang energy.

Since a waterfall has running and flowing water, it is symbolic of wealth swimming in yang energy. Which is why it can bring good wealth luck when used correctly.

But where do you place a feng shui waterfall picture?

Are you sure it’s a waterfall?

Firstly, you must be sure that it is a picture of a waterfall.

This is because often times, a waterfall is just a feature of a picture when the focus is actually on mountains, and sometimes pine trees.

I won’t be able to determine it unless I see your painting.

Is water good for you?

Be mindful that a waterfall is not just a symbol of water. It is an emphasis of strong water.

This is why households intending to hang paintings of waterfalls at home must absolutely check their 8 characters to find out if water is a favorable or unfavorable element to them.

If for example water is bad for you, then installing it in the bedroom of the person who is in conflict with water can be disastrous. Moreover, this is water with strong currents.

Anyway, a picture of a water is never ideal for bedrooms… unless you know exactly what you are doing.

They should be placed in common areas but never the kitchen.

If you have a self element of wood, then water will serve to nurture you.

If the water element is bad for you, you might want to reconsider it altogether.

Not because this is a picture of water, but because a waterfall is too strong a representative of water that can be detrimental to you.

If you’ve done your checks and given the thumbs up to proceed, then let’s talk about…

Feng shui waterfall picture placement

There are various points that are discussed here. So please pay attention and take notes.

The best area to place the picture is in the north sector of the house. This is where the water elemental base of the house is found.

It would be ideal if the living room is located at the north of the house.

However, if the living room is on another sector like the east, then place the waterfall painting at the north section of the living room.

The east and southeast can also be good, provided they are not unfavorable areas in the house.

The orientation of the water direction is also a particular concern.

Is the water falling from left to right? Is it flowing from right to left? Is is coming right down the center without leaning left or right?

These questions are important as the direction that the waterfall is flowing should point towards the center of the living room and never towards the door.

For example, if you are hanging the framed picture on the same wall as the front door, and front door is on the left of the wall, then the picture should be positioned on the right side with preferably water flowing to the right signifying water flowing into the house.

Conversely, a door towards the right will mean the picture situated on the left of the door ideally with water flowing to the left. If the water flows from left to right, then it would mean water (wealth) flowing through the front door and out the house!

On this point, one of the fundamental laws of feng shui is that water theory states that water flowing from left to right past the main entrance is regarded as yang water. While water moving from right to left is yin water.

As you can see, choosing a painting has to start with a planning phase way before walking into the art store.

In general yang water is better than yin water. But this relationship can reverse depending on circumstances.

After all these, we need to take time dynamics into consideration by applying flying stars feng shui.

A water feature is known to be best placed in the section of the house where the most prosperous water star resides.

This will help enhance the strength of it.

For example, if your house has a birth chart of NW2, the auspicious water star 8 will be found right at the center facing of the house.

In this case, the waterfall drawing will be best placed here right at the center of the front wall.

This would be even more ideal if the door is located at the left, leaving space for the waterfall picture to be placed close to the center with water flowing from left to right.

Another factor you should be mindful of is that you should not place a picture of a water at the south area of the house, even if a favorable water star reside there in a corner.

This is because the south is fundamentally the sector of the house that harnesses recognition and status of the members in the household.

It has a fire base energy and a waterfall in this area will douse over the “flames”.

Waterfall not ideal

I would like to close this by reminding you that rapid water don’t allow the accumulation of energy. And a waterfall is too strong and fast in some ways.

If installing a water feature like a miniature fountain is impractical inside the house, which is why you chose to use a feng shui waterfall painting, consider alternatives with gentler water.

Rivers and streams, especially those with pine trees, cranes, fish, and other lucky feng shui symbols can be more ideal for the house.

This means that if you have not purchased your waterfall picture, I suggest that you buy something else.

Otherwise, the above mentioned tips for the placement of the picture should be sufficient to help you find a suitable placement.

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