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7 Rules of Bed Placement Feng Shui

One of the most important areas of of the house regarding feng shui is the position and placement of the bed.

If you cannot grasp why this is so critical, consider that the bed is the place where we spend the most time on each day.

You rest or sleep there in a relaxed physical and mental state.

This either leaves you well placed to absorb all the positive energy in the house, or leave you vulnerable to the harms of bad energy.

There are 2 main focuses when it comes to deciding on a location and position of the bed.

  1. Which direction the occupant’s head is facing
  2. Exposure to harmful energy

While introducing feng shui monuments and symbols into a room can greatly enhance the overall energy, this is not the topic being discussed here.

The most important parts of bed placement are the 2 points listed above.


As feng shui is all about the flow of energy, an individual will have a few directional sources of energy where it’s the most beneficial for the person in question.

To determine the directions that will be good for you, do a personal analysis on yourself with 8 House feng shui and Bazi.

When you map out your personal readings on both these schools of thought, the directions that you would reap feng shui benefits from would be clear as day.

For example, if you have a personal element of earth in your Bazi and the fire element seems to be a favorable element, having your bed in the south sector of a house can harness that fire energy that will supercharge your luck. Or position your bed in a way where the bedhead would face south.

By applying both schools of thought in 8 House and Bazi respectively, you should be able to find a direction that is beneficial to you according to both.

For example, if you have a personal Kua number of 3, then south would be a great luck direction too.

Many people buy houses when the house has a great flying star birth chart. But what they fail to realize is that the house might have an odd layout making it difficult or near impossible to place a bed in a position that would be advantageous to them.

It is more than possible to be living in a house with good feng shui, yet be down with luck because of bad bed placement.

Don’t make this mistake.

Exposure to Sha Chi (bad energy)

It is very difficult to say whether a bed’s location in the house is good or bad without having a real physical look at the room.

This is why the judgment of a feng shui practitioner is best used.

However, here are some rules that you should try to follow if you are your own DIY feng shui master.

1) No beam above head


This is one of the biggest feng shui mistakes homeowners make.

Often times, it is not that homeowners are ignorant to the harm a beam hanging over a sleeping person’s head can do. It is that they have little to no choice but to place a bed under one.

Sleeping with a beam over your head means that the beam would exert energy right onto your head every night for hours.

Not only can this be detrimental to your money luck, but to your health as well due to the constant barrage of energy pressing down on the head.

2) Window behind bed head


A lot of dwellers love the concept of having a window right behind the bed head.

This can create a stunning visual impact and beautify a room.

But when this is orientation occurs, it basically translate to having no support behind you. Worst of all, there is literally no support behind your head.

Energy entering the room from the window will also have an unobstructed run on the head.

This however, can be remedied by using curtains to cover up the windows whenever it is bed time.

3) No doors that “cut” through the bed

From the image in point #2, you can also observe a door beside the bed that basically slices through the bed.

This is very bad feng shui. It is akin to cutting a person’s body in half.

4) Never align bed with door

While many homeowners implicitly want to have the bed placed against the inner wall of a bedroom, a lot of times they set it up in a way where the feet of the occupant is pointing towards the door when sleeping.

This signifies having nothing to stand on.

No only that.

The individual will be directly exposed to strong energy that is entering from the bedroom door.

5) No ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can sometimes be adored by interior designers and home owners for their aesthetics.

But in terms of geomancy, it is something that should never be allowed in the house. Let alone the bedroom.

They scramble the natural flow of energy in the house, and send this mixture of energy directly down on whatever is below it.

This is without mentioning the cutting rotating motion it is constantly moving at.

Sleeping under a ceiling fan should be avoided at all cost.

6) Reflections bring romance

To make the most of limited space in the bedroom, people often install mirrors near the bed.

When you can see a reflection of yourself when in bed, this effectively translate to having another person in bed whenever you are resting.

If you are married, having a mirror facing the bed can create situations where third parties can cause trouble in your relationship with your spouse.

Those that are single might like to have more romance luck by applying this feng shui concept. However, do note that negative connotations come with reflections of the bed.

So even if your romance luck does improve after adding reflections in the bedroom, contrary to what mandarin ducks can signify, they are more often than not, bad company.

Take note that television sets in the bedroom can also create reflections. It is best to cover them up when not in use.

7) No toilet or kitchen on the other side of the wall where the bed head is

The toilet, or washroom, is always a concern when it comes to feng shui.

This is where the cleanest energy can become “dirty”.

So never allow the bed head to share a common wall with the toilet or kitchen on the other side.

The best layout

While we always talk about the ideal birth charts of a house and layouts for different rooms, it is important to recognize that real life is not always ideal.

However, maybe it would be interesting to show what is the ideal placement of a bed in the bedroom.

In an ideal feng shui world, the room would be squarish or rectangular in shape.

In such a shaped room, the bedhead should be against a wall with the door perpendicular beyond the foot of the bed.

ideal bed placement for feng shui

If this layout option is available to you, and the head facing a direction that is auspicious to you, you can hardly go wrong by going with this bed placement and position.

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