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The Chinese Crane Is a Symbol Of Longevity When Used Right

In Chinese mythology, there are 4 colorful variants of the crane:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow

While the belief is that the black crane lives the longest, many homes prefer to go with white because it just looks better.

Yet that does not downplay the influence of those in other colors.

To put it into perspective, a phone is a phone. It will allow users to make a call whether it’s the latest cutting-edge flagship smart phone from Apple or Samsung, or an old school Nokia 3210. It might not have the best specifications. But a regular phone will still be able to serve it’s functions and purpose.

At the same time, if you are hard bent on maximizing the positive longevity effects of the crane in feng shui, black is the one to go with.


The crane being used as a symbol of longevity can be traced to as far back as the 2,600 BCE when the mythical emperor Fuxi used it in the kingdom for display and decorations.

And in one of the most recognized timeless literature in China, the 8 immortals, references to white cranes were made repeatedly during their adventurous stories.

Somewhere along the lines, cranes became a huge hit in Chinese culture and can be found in arts, literature, and household furnishing.

That’s not all.

Unlike the money frog that is almost always taking up the same posture, cranes in feng shui have been observed to take up a variety of different poses.

Different pose with different meanings

When shown soaring amongst the clouds, it symbolizes wisdom and longevity. Most often used for people looking to get ahead in their careers.

When frolicking is displayed, it takes up attributes of resilience, prestige, and righteousness. When found in picture art, this pose is often drawn amongst pine trees.

When it is depicted to fly towards heaven, it’s spiritual meaning represents a nice afterlife. This is due to it being believed to be an escort for souls on the way to heaven as portrayed in stories. This is a reason why cranes can sometimes be found prominently during Chinese funeral processions.

Being a beautiful bird that flies gracefully, it also often accompanies presents and gifts to people who are getting on an airplane… because it signifies a smooth flight.

But generally, the presence of the crane, no matter what it’s pose is strongly associated with good fortune, happiness, harmony and longevity.

It is after all, the bird of immortality.

And you don’t get to have that nickname unless you really have substance under the hood.

Where to place cranes

Keeping in mind that these creatures can be lanky and quite sizable in sculpture, they are best used outdoors blended into landscaping.

If for example, you have a water feature outdoors like a fountain or waterfall in the garden, placing the crane statue somewhere in the vicinity would be good.

And remember that it is not necessary to buy statues or monuments of cranes.

You can also get them as art printed on fixtures, designed onto clay pots, moulded onto items, etc. But definitely not paper cranes.

Because the white crane is also highly associated with wisdom and recognition, the South sector of a house is the best location to place it.

Due to the versatility of it’s positive feng shui impact on a household, it can also be placed at the West to bring benefits to children, East to bring good fortune to the sons, or the Northwest to favor the patriarch in the family.

Just don’t put your cranes in an awkward location like the kitchen, storerooms, and bathrooms.

In a pair

In areas of relationships and romance, the popular mandarin ducks are given a run for their money by the crane.

This is because when cranes come in pairs, it becomes a powerful symbol of harmonious relationships.

While it will probably not bring romance luck like mandarin ducks do, it signifies family happiness and continuation.

Because of this, white cranes with red crowns are often used on presents for patriarchs and matriarchs in the family like anniversaries and birthdays.

Neutralize negative energy

Finally, with it’s strong alignment with harmony and resolving conflicts, cranes can also be great remedies for common feng shui inconveniences.

For example, if a protruding wall is pointing a corner at the living room sofa, a picture of a crane can be used to buffer the negative effects.

If a house has a main door that stares directly at the back door, screens with crane art can be use to block or redirect the harmful energy stabbing through the house.

They are excellent symbols to neutralize bad energy.

Just don’t put too much work demands on their shoulders. They are just birds after all.

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