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Flying Star Feng Shui Chart Origin

Flying star feng shui consist of 9 stars numbered from 1 to 9. – –

The below is the flying sequence in which they move about a grid. The sequence starts from the center moving to NorthWest.

From the arrows depicted above, you can observe that the flying sequence is as follows.

Center, NW, W, NE, S, N, SW, E, SE. This order will not change and it’s fundamental to the application of flying star feng shui.

Thus , if we start for example, with the number 1 at the center with a forward number sequence, we would get the below number grid.


For more clarity, here is another example with the number 6 at the center with a forward number sequence. The resulting number grid is as below.


Now that you have a basic understanding of how the sequence of stars is drawn up, let’s take a look at how flying start natal charts containing mountain stars and water stars are generated.

For this example, we will take a look at a period of 8 chart with North (N2) facing sitting on South (S2). Below is the flying star base for houses built in the period of 8.


With a facing of North with number 4, the center will take up 4 as it’s water star. And with a sitting of South with number 3, the center will take up 3 as it’s mountain star.


Once you get the stars for the center, it is simply a matter of following the flying sequence of stars to map out the whole chart.

The question now is whether the water and mountain stars have a forward or backward order of numbers.

Before we get into that I suggest that you have a good understanding of the above. Because you’d find it harder to comprehend what is coming up next if you don’t understand the flying start sequence.

24 Mountains: Earth, Heaven, Man

To identify the forward or backward flying sequence, you need to look at the facing direction and refer to the below table concerning the 24 mountains.

Each direction of N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, NW, consist of 3 sectors each. Making it a total of 24 sectors (mountains).

The 3 sectors are defined as Earth (E), Heaven (H), and Man (M). And they have a Yin (-) or Yang (+) attribute as the table below shows.

Number Direction 24 Mountains
1 N1 + E
1 N2 – H
1 N3 – M
2 SW1 – E
2 SW2 + H
2 SW3 + M
3 E1 + E
3 E2 – H
3 E3 – M
4 SE1 – E
4 SE2 + H
4 SE3 + M
6 NW1 – E
6 NW2 + H
6 NW3 + M
7 W1 + E
7 W2 – H
7 W3 – M
8 NE1 – E
8 NE2 + H
8 NE3 + M
9 S1 + E
9 S2 – H
9 S3 – M

Now going back to the example of a house sitting on S2 and facing N2. As you can see, according the table above, a S2->N2 house will land on -H.

And since we have previously established that the Water star at the center grid is 4, take a look at the 24 mountains table above and see what is under the number 4 in the Heaven (H) column.

It is + H. Yang Heaven. Yang gives it a forward sequence, while Yin would give it a reverse sequence.

This gives the Water star in this S2->N2 chart a forward moving sequence. What we end up with is this.


We then repeat the process for the mountain star and we will get the end result which is he flying star natal chart for N2 facing.

An important point to take note is that when you run into the number 5, you will find nothing in the table to indicate it’s Yin or Yang. In this case whenever you run into it, use the number of the ruling star as a substitute star.

This means that since we are currently in the period of 8, use the number 8 to find the sequence when you run into number 5 when doing your analysis.

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