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Keeping Goldfish For Wealth At Home

Fish are generally auspicious symbols in feng shui that invites prosperity.

However the goldfish is particularly unique in that the word goldfish is literally translated to 金鱼, which is pronounced Jin Yu.

If you don’t know, the Chinese traditionally love to play with words, especially homonyms.

Homonyms describes words that sound the same, or written the say way, but have different meanings.

This is one big reason why numbers have so many meanings in Chinese culture.

For example, the number 168 is considered an auspicious combination of number not just because of the favorable resemblance to the favorable flying stars of 1, 6, and 8, but also because when pronounced, it sounds like describing “getting rich” in mandarin language.

While Jin Yu means golsfish when directly translated, the two words phonetically sounds like gold abundance.

Both words are direct representations of wealth.

For the reasons above, the goldfish is a popular for homeowners who wish to set up aquariums at home while being mindful of the metaphysical effects of feng shui.

They are also freshwater fish which are much easier to maintain compared to saltwater fish from the sea.

Which species of goldfish to keep

While all types of goldfish are acceptable as long as they are healthy, because of the word gold in the name, the preferred type of goldfish to keep in the house is gold in color.

And since the feng shui symbolism that homeowners are trying to bring into the home is wealth and prosperity, it is also preferable that the fishes kept look “rich”.

This means that it would be better to keep a species in the fish tank that is fat by nature.

Also don’t confuse carps with goldfish. They can look somewhat alike.

Even though carps are also auspicious animals in feng shui, don’t keep them thinking that they are goldfish.

How many goldfish to keep

The default number of fishes that any fish lover to keep when feng shui is a factor is 9.

( represents the fullness and complete cycle of heaven and earth. Moreover the flying star 9 is a powerful attractor of recognition, which can lead to wealth.

The number of fishes to keep can have the following connotations:

  • 1 will be too lonely and inactive
  • 2 will will invite sickess
  • 3 will create conflicts
  • 4 will result in catastrophe with used wrongly
  • 5 can be bad for health
  • 6 can induce neutrality which defeats the purpose of the aquarium
  • 7 can mean disaster
  • 8 is a very lucky number
  • 9 is as explained previously
  • 10 is recommended for homes with flying star charts with a combination of 10 orientation for example a period of 8 chart with NE facing

Take note that although 9 is the suggested number of fishes, for a more potent positive presence, it is generally accepted that the best allocation is 8 goldfish with 1 black goldfish.

This draws on the symbolism of both the number 8 and 9.

On top of that, the presence of a black fish signifies the presence of yin in yang, a rule of basic yin and yang teachings.

Be mindful that the black goldfish should be as completely black as possible.

Goldfish placement for feng shui

Whether you house them in a goldfish bowl, a fish tank, or a full blown aquarium, be mindful that it is best positioned at a height were you can easily get an overview from the top.

This means that when looking down from the top, it would be like looking at a Google map version of the tank.

The best area to place the tank is at the north section of the house.

If that is impossible due to the layout or orientation of the floor plan, alternative sections include the east and northeast sectors.

Finally, keeping the tank clean from regular maintenance is something that you have to committed to.

A polluted aquarium is never good for auspicious energy in the house.

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