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The Peach Fruit Is More Than Just Peach Blossom In Feng Shui

When the peach fruit is mentioned in feng shui, it is almost always with reference to romance luck in peach blossoms.

But peach fruits are much more than that in symbolism.

Every part of the plant is known for metaphysical attributes. Which give it possibly the most depth when compared to all plants, flowers and fruits in feng shui meanings.

Peach wood for example is believed to be an effective material for protection against spirits with bad intentions. This can be further evident when Chinese movies of ghosthunters have equipment made by it.

In real life, Taoist practitioners often use peach wood for seals to stamp talismans and amulets for protection against the underworld.

Then there is the peach petals, or blooms, that the fruit is most famously known for.

Peach blossoms don’t just bring romance luck, it is believed that when used bad faith, they can cast love spells on unsuspecting victims.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg of the power that the peach fruit is capable of yielding.

Legend of peach fruit

The legend is that there was a peach plant of immortality in a secret place amongst China’s mount Kun Lun. This location is where the garden that belongs to Hsi Wang Mu, the Goddess or Queen Mother of the West.

The plant bears the peach fruit of immortality every 3,000 years.

And every time the magical fruit is grown, the goddess would invite the member of the 8 immortals over for a feast.

This was supposed how the 8 immortals gained the gift of immortality.

According to folklore, during one of these feasts, the Monkey god arrived uninvited along with a few of his loyal followers.

While best known for his playfulness and comic, let there be no doubt that the Monkey God is a very powerful being capable of single-handedly wreaking havoc in the heavenly palace as the stories would tell it..

He then took all the peaches for himself and attained immortality.

This is why the Monkey god is often depicted in paintings to be picking peaches off a tree. Such a painting is used on homes for the purpose of harnessing longevity energy,

Symbolism of peach fruit

Above all else, the peach fruit is a monumental symbol of spring all the good things associated with it.

This is because spring is the season when peach trees bloom and bear fruit in China.

And because spring is culturally a good time to get married, peach fruit is also often used as decorative items in traditional Chinese weddings just like red lanterns.

This is also probably a reason why peach blossoms are associated with romance luck.

Single men and women can hang pictures of peach fruit in the bedrooms, preferably in the Southwest sector to enhance marriage luck.

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