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Why The Pine Tree Is A Symbol Of Unmatched Inner Strength

While various species of trees lose their leaves during the coldest months of winter, a particular tree continues to stay resolute and keep all it’s needle-like leaves.

And that is the pine tree.

For this reason, the pine tree in feng shui is the ultimate symbol of inner strength.

Because even in the harshest of climate, where every living thing submits to the force of nature, pine trees continue to retain their integrity and dignity.

It is no wonder that in feng shui painting of greenery and trees, it is almost a certainty that pine trees will be found on the drawings. Often as a centerpiece of beautiful landscape of rocks and lush greenery, even on cliffs.

It is also often accompanied by plum trees and bamboo. Together these 3 plants represent the tree or three friends of winter which signifies strong bonds in friendship and symbol of togetherness through adversity..

Poetry and folklore

The status of pine trees as symbolic monuments is only further emphasized as they are commonly found in the works of highly respected Chinese figures in history.

One of which is the one and only Confucius.

In various pieces of poetry written by the man himself, there are countless references to pine trees as metaphors that represent survival and rising above under challenging circumstances.

With such a revered figure in Chinese history endorsing the significance of pine trees, how can anyone think otherwise?

Pine trees at home

The older pine trees grow, the more powerful are their significance to longevity and inner strength.

So if you have one in the yard, or buying a house with one of them, it is not recommended to have them uprooted and removed off the property.

This is a very bad omen to residents which is akin to disrespecting life itself.

However, if you are only relocating it to another part of the garden or to the back yard, the negative impact will be minimal as you are giving it a better suited place to reside in the same home.

The thing is that the pine tree has made it’s home on the property by fate no matter how it got there in the first place. So evicting it is never a good idea.

Moving it however, will be like giving a new bigger and more suitable room like how children need their own space when they grow up.

Grooming them with pruning is also alright.

When a pair of pine trees are situated in the garden, it is a symbol of marital bliss. This is also why painting of them are also found in pairs.

However the main energy that pine trees exude is inner strength. So it’s better not to take pro-active action in giving one a partner for marriage bliss and let it focus on what it does best.

Romance or relationship luck can be enhanced by mandarin ducks or cranes.

If there is only one on the property, letting it be will be the best course of action. And if there are two, removing one of them is just bad feng shui for the occupants in terms of relationships.

Where to place pine trees

If there are no pine trees in the garden, or your apartment has no garden, and you would like to have pine trees for their unmatched symbolic meaning of inner strength, you might be thinking about buying paintings or statues of them to place in the living room.

Remember that living trees are best left outside the house, while living plants should not be placed in bedrooms.

With that in mind, if you just have to get them for common living areas within the house, avoid having them in bedrooms, kitchens. Ideally, the living room is best.

As trees are of wood element, they are generally best placed in the North sector of the house where the water-based energy is. Or East and Southeast where wood-based energy resides.

If you are following flying star charts to design your house, then the pine trees can be activated where the water or mountain star 1 is located.

Take note that if you put it in an area where the water or mountain star 9 resides, the influence of the pine tree might be compromised in the house as it will be exhausted by the 9 fire star.

Finally, because trees are represented by wood in feng shui’s 5 elements, it is never a good idea to have pine tree statues made out of metal as metal destroys wood.

If you make such a purchase, the statue would become just a display item for aesthetics without any real impact on the energy in the house.

Assuming you cannot have real trees on the property, the best item to incorporate pine trees in a home’s feng shui are the classic paintings of them in natural landscapes.

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