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9 Lemons In A Bowl

Lemon has long been a secret sauce for household cleaning. The use of it can amazingly remove some types of stains that even the most vigorous commercial cleansers won’t be able to.

Even for the human body, lemons are well known for their detoxifying effects beneficial to health.

And across many religions, the lemon has been used for spiritual cleansing for ages.

The sour yellow fruit is often used as a purifier of energy and even to heal space that has been blemished by bad energy in feng shui.

In addition to that yellow, which is the color of the fruit, signifies the sun, cheerfulness, and and vibrancy. These characteristics also make the fruit ideal to brighten up a living room or kitchen that is too dull.

In many homes and stores, homeowners and storekeepers often place lemons in a glasses with water at entrances so that negative energy coming in from the door will be neutralized upon entering.

Thus, protecting the place from the intrusion of harmful energy carried by others.

Because of the positive effects lemons can have on an enclosed space, somewhere along the lines feng shui masters started to recommend it to homeowners for counterbalancing unfavorable energy that resides in kitchens and living rooms.

Because these are common spaces that are used by all residents and guests, it is understandable that there would be different types of energy moving about the place.

And you never know what dynamics might take place should someone who already has bad energy interacts with an underlying negative energy present in a kitchen.

This is why citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons are sometimes found placed in a bowl right at the center of a coffee table, dining table, or kitchen countertop.

It is for the purpose of energy cleansing and purifying bad energy that present in that space or following residents about. Improving the probability of good luck.

You also get a scent of freshness as soon as you put them on display.

How many lemons?

While 9 is the most common number of lemons suggested by feng shui practitioners because it represents fullness, using other lucky number like 1, 4, 6, or 8 can also be acceptable.

And 10 when you have a house with a flying star birth chart that has a sum of 10 sequence.

Also consider the directional section of the house which the space is located.

For example if you want to place the 9 lemons in a bowl in the kitchen located at the southwest, take note that this area is of earth element and ruled by the number 2 base star.

Since the energy originating from this sector can cause sickness when mismanaged, don’t use 2, 5, 8, or 9 lemons for display.

To minimize the negative impact that grounds this area, you might want to use 6 or 7 lemons in a bowl since these two number represent metal. And metal is known to weaken earth by way of exhaustion.

However, while going into such details in feng shui is ideal, lemons are not meant as cures or enhancers.

They are just energy purifiers that can be typically placed in most places to cleanse energy.

It must be said that the bowl don’t play a significant role in space cleansing.

It just looks better aesthetically pleasing to the eye when the lemons can be observed through the glassware. And being able to see how many lemons there are gives them more conviction.

This means that you can use baskets or other containers as well instead of bowls.

Just make sure that they are not enclosed in a container box of some sort. They need exposure to get to work.

Be mindful that it is not necessary to cut up the fruit. Leaving them intact without any intrusion is good enough.

If you have any doubts on how many lemons is ideal, going with 7 or 9 would be a safe bet.

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